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Sniglar Crib Co-Sleeper Hack
A DIY Co-Sleeper hacked from an IKEA crib. That’s the cheapest co-sleeper crib I’ve seen yet!   Read more…

$20 Tiny House IKEA Crib Hack

“When we were staring on the baby’s nursery, I knew without a doubt that the crib needed to be something amazing. I just didn’t know what that looked like. IKEA has such great and inexpensive cribs so a Gulliver was my jumping off point.The last step, once everything is happy and painted and ready for a permanent residence inside your home, is to attach the cross pieces on the bottom. I put these on the inside of the crib legs so that the little house wouldn’t shift. This holds everything nice and snug on the crib…”   Read more…

Old Crib Into Toddler Bed

“Don’t forget the reason for repurposing this old crib is two-fold; adding new life to an old, well-used piece of furniture and providing our kids with a safe place to rest. Make sure all exterior corners are eased, all hardware/fasteners are well protected, and that the finish is smooth and without burrs.”   Read more…

Repurpose The Girls Old Crib

Turn that old crib into an adorable book case to hold your toddlers books and favorite treasures!See more…

Crib Rails Into a Drying Rack

Turn those crib rails into an adjustable drying rack for your laundry room!

Repurposed Crib Project: Kids Work Station

And here’s our under the staircase Kids Workstation for our boys! I love how it all turned out and how everything was recycled for this space. Tada!   Read more…

Turn your crib into a bunk bed!    Read more…

Crib into Chalkboard Planner

I’ve been looking to make a bed/crib into a bench!! Painted Therapy: A New Life for an Old Crib | Furniture Ideas | Pinterest | Crib, Therapy and Bench

5 Unexpected Ways to Revamp an Old Crib

35 Ways to Repurpose Cribs (and Parts of Cribs)

20 Delightfully Creative and Functional Ways to Repurpose Old Cribs – DIY &…

20 Ways to Repurpose your old Crib

Repurposed Crib Turned Kids Bench

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