These penny-pinching but super creative upcycling, art and craft ideas will have you pouring out your change jars and emptying all your pockets.  Whether its pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters or those old hard to fine coins from your grandfather’s collection…  these beautiful ideas can pull those coins out of your jars and show off their beauty.  After all, a penny saved is a penny to create with!

Cool Crafts You Can Make for Less than 5 Dollars | Cheap DIY Projects Ideas for Teens, Tweens, Kids and Adults | Letter Bottles With a Hot Glue Gun #teencrafts #cheapcrafts #crafts/
DIY Wood Log Flooring Instructions - DIY Flooring Ideas Low Cost #InexpensiveWoodworkingProjects
Como fazer moldura para espelho com círculos de madeira. #arte #artesanato #moldura #espelho
PLEASE NOTE - this is an instant download E-pattern for PENNY CHRISTMAS TREE a Wool Wall Mat and not a finished mat. Also when you are printing your pages please make sure you do not have the shrink to fit page option selected so your pattern is not altered. WOOL PENNIES !! does anything else really need to be said ?? LOL This is truly a stand-out piece and brings out smiles 🙂 Shown here in a Cream background and a Black background..... The finished mat (without the wire hanger) measures 1...
How to Make a Custom Copper Pipe Lamp | Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men
Hobo nickel coin hand engraved by Narimantas Palsis (Nari). Find Hobo nickel coins on eBay
Pennies for Trees by Roberta Przy on 500px
Wheat Penny Roll Cent Lincoln Dunbar From Box Sealed Old Coin Lot Mixed Date - US Coin - Ideas of US Coin #USCoin
penny tree
Paraguay 1000 guarani coin necklace | Etsy
Resin Crafts: Resin Penny Tray
Repurposed vase with pennies
19,284 pennies, 10 months, and a lot of Ibuprofen. Giant penny. #giantpenny #pennyart #mosaicpenny -- real penny tile -- tile with pennies -- pennies as tile
Copper Penny Foyer
DIY Penny Tiled Mirror Tutorial - Cool DIY Ways to Decorate Home & Garden with Pennies #Recycle; #Penny; #HomeDecor
Signed Brutalist Sculpture Of A Tree
Repurposed vase with pennies
The Frugal Way - "Making It" on a Budget. : DIY CHRISTMAS CROSS ORNAMENTS FOR PENNIES...LITERA...
redone using pennies! I want to do this on a coffee table or at least a few serving trays!
Decorar a sala de jantar ou a cozinha com um desenho de rolhas na parede: É só usar as rolhas dos vinhos antigos 🙂
If you have a lot of foreign coins laying around from past trips, upcycle them into a fun DIY charm bracelet! Keep reading for the how-to.
Repurposed vase with pennies
table and stools penny tops
COVER IT IN PENNIES on Pinterest | 37 Pins
penny necklace - Google Search
Check out the deal on Economic Development in the Year 2045:Penny Cocktail Dress at Eco First Art
Repurposed vase with pennies
How cool is this...ALL CREATED WITH JUST A PENNY! penny head! (penny-themed lessons)
Upcycled Thrift Store Penny Table
redone using pennies! I want to do this on a coffee table or at least a few serving trays!
This amazing dress is made entirely of pennies!
Custom Lucky Us Penny Necklace wedding anniversary family last Names Birth Stones Birthstones gift p
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DAP Products Inc. for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. It was about 5-6 years ago that I was telling everybody that would listen that I wanted to makeover my bathroom. I had decided that tile floors were EXPENSIVE but that I was tired of my laminate. I had heard of somebody who saw that someone had a penny floor or counter tops or something in a restaurant up north. I was instantly smitten with the idea and the price, literally pennies! ...
DIY bowling ball yard art made with copper pennies - sort of like a gazing ball for your garden but with more bling!
Penny Jar - art piece by Colette Hosmer
Use pennies to refurb a table
Lincoln Penny Portrait
This Tabletop Has Over 5000 Pennies Embedded In It | Make:
DIY Ombre Penny Art Project!
Amazing penny necklace using 36 pennies and some jump rings! I love the use of pennies, love the asymmetrical shape, and love the price to make it! For those of you who are going to ask, it’s NOT illegal to alter/use pennies to make art.
Penny ring with compartment by Stacey Lee Webber
Keyrings Set Made from a single Old British One Penny piece
Abraham Lincoln Penny Portrait: DIY Project
Miss Mash DIY: Initial Penny Art
a $14.37 bowl by forteallegretto on DeviantArt
Adventures in Birding + Sustainability: DIY EXTREME - THE PENNY WALL
DIY penny ombre art
Decal Penny Pendants: Group Project | Cathe Holden’s Inspired Barn
LOVE sign made with nickels
How to Make Penny Coasters! (with Pictures)
Spray Painted Penny Vase
Pennies for Trees by Roberta Przy
Turn Old Keys and Coins into Recycled Art | Upcycle Art
Penny horse head. Interesting idea but my frugal ass would never throw pennies away with something like this.
Johanna's penny bathroom project
How to make a penny bowling ball, fun and unique yard art for your garden. And some people say the copper pennies repel slugs!
Penny top table created with epoxy and corroded pennies
20 Affordable DIY Ideas You Can Do With Pennies | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design
Home Remodeling Ideas with Pennies // I've seen floors, tables, even walls done in pennies; but I really love this mirror.
20 DIY Hacks to Decorate Home and Garden with Pennies -DIY Penny Top Table
The sounds this little beauty makes is actually magical! ~ I now know what to do with my collection of squished pennies!
Handmade mosaic heart, penny heart, coin art
Art made with coins Coins Tree Coins art penny art .cool things to make with coins
Old coins into jewels! - I love this, but it it also makes me a little sad that the original coin is destroyed...
Recycled Home Decor | Decorative ball made of coins, recycled crafts for home decorating
Coin Earrings - Domed Earrings - Drop Earrings - 1965-1998 Custom Date Earrings - Birthday Gift for
Silver Hoop Earrings - Silver State Quarter Coin Earrings - Silver Coin Jewelry - Repurposed Jewelry

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