Every year my family has done the traditional, typical Christmas card photos – we’re all looking lovely, and cheery, and picture perfect.   I came across this picture on pinterest and completely laughed out loud:



I absolutely adore this picture, for 3 reasons:

  1. It clearly was not staged – you can’t make kids this age pretend to make faces like this.   Well maybe…   maybe the mom gave them all a lollipop and then snatched it away and snapped the pic.  Either way, these are not faking faces – these are faces filled with anti-Joy which makes this photos so hilarious and genuine.
  2. This is real life!   Pictures of lovely perfect, smiling faces are great, but how often during a given day, do any of the faces actually look that way?   My guess is they look more like the photos above.
  3. Maybe its just the year we’ve had, but I’m just in the mood for some fun and levity this year for Christmas – and this card just makes me smile.


So, I took to pinterest to get some more inspiration, and I put together a list of over 50 (and growing) awesome ideas for fun/non-traditional Christmas cards.   There are ideas for singles, couples, families, kids and more – something for everyone, but they are all sure to put a smile on your face!   Here’s to instilling a bit of cheer this holiday season!!


See all 80+ Ideas on my Pinterest Page Here:

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Check out some of my favorites from the list



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