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Has the halloween bug bitten you yet??   My kids start planning their Halloween costumes on November 1st every year (yes, for the following year)…. so we’ve been talking about it for awhile now.   Just about every year, my daughter wants to be a Disney princess.   Last year she was Ariel, this year she wants to be Elsa – along with 349 other girls in her school.   I try to talk her into other things, but she is about as girly girl as you can get – what can I do!??

Last year my son’s costume was EPIC.  He was a LEGO zombie and despite the fact that walking was a bit difficult – he was the talk of the school.   Like he set the bar so high, its all going to be down hill from here.   I’ll see if I can find some photos to document the process I went through in making it for him last year and throw it up in another post if I can find everything, but it probably took me 8-10 hours to make – but it turned out AMAZING.   Check out my love bugs from last year (shameless brag shout out):

Now granted, their costumes clearly don’t qualify as “family halloween costumes” but I just had to share because they are so darn cute!   But maybe this year, I can talk them into one of these super cute ideas for Family Halloween costumes.

I’ve put together 60+ of the best ideas I could find on the web – there are some AMAZING ideas in here, if you are looking to get everyone in your family to go with themed costumes together!

I think my favorites are the Mary Poppins ones – they are SOOOO cute.   Whats your favorite??

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60+ Family Halloween Costumes Ideas:

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Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - homemade costume ideas for kids (or adults O_O) lol "Violet! You're turning Violet!"
Art Halloween Group Costume: Three Little Pigs Costumes kids AHHHHHH!!!! I wish I din't have 2 out of 3 costumes already!
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Black and white movie costume. Must do this for Halloween some year.
Oh. My. God!!! Labyrinth family costumes halloween goblin king Jereth David Bowie Jennifer Connolly Toby Sarah ... But who the heck is the older girl?!
The Little Mermaid themed family Halloween costumes
circus family costumes - strongman, circus ring leader, bearde
Best family Halloween costume ever!! The baby is the owl. Adorable.
I've seen Ghostbusters costumes a million times, but never with a cute little toddler ghost!
My husband and I are strongly considering this....funny halloween costume
Star Wars Family - Halloween Costume Contest via Costume Works
Harry Potter and Dobby Halloween Costume! This was so cute, I could not help sharing!


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