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Most men do not enjoy shopping. The event forces men to make decisions on what their wife would like for gifts. The stress causes men to procrastinate their holiday shopping until the very last minute. This leaves little time and few gift options. Finding the right gifts and the right stores may be a challenge; however, a plan can make all the difference.

Preparing to Shop

A secret to shopping for a wife is preparation. Writing down some key information before the actual shopping will help. A husband needs to know the size and measurements of his wife: shoe size, dress size, shirt size, bra/undergarment sizes, and pant/or size. Optional is ring size.  🙂

To get these measurements, a man needs to simply look in his wife’s closet. Locate one each of the previously listed items. These items all have a tag of some sort with a number, which will act as a shopping guide for the gifts.

Locating a Shopping Mall

In order to get shopping done quickly, one needs to locate a shopping mall. Malls have multiple stores, which will ensure a quick trip. Men should skip single store locations (unless he knows he needs to get something specific) and find malls that have a variety of stores: department, lingerie, salons, shoes, accessories, etc. Most larger towns and cities have a mall or two, but shoppers need to be prepared for the large crowds during the holiday season (if you are not a mall kind of guy, you might consider this).

Malls usually have a directory or map of stores online. If the mall is not online then viewing the directory at the mall entrance will have to do. Stores to locate include a department store, like Nordstrom’s or Macy’s; a lingerie store, like Victoria’s Secret; a jewelry store; a candy store that sells chocolate; and a bookstore.

Holiday Shopping at a Department Store

Department stores have several sections of fashion for women. The options include sportswear, casual, career, and formal. The individual’s budget will greatly determine what item to buy. If a wife often wears sportswear, like comfortable jogging type suits, then sportswear is a great section to shop. If the wife has a professional career, then the career section is the stop.

Husbands do not have to know anything but the style of item, like sportswear and career, and their wife’s’ sizes. Every section in a department store will have employees who are available to assist customers. A man can approach an employee and state that he needs a shirt, pants, coat, or dress. The employee will ask a few questions and make suggestions. Husbands can purchase one or more of the suggested items.

Department stores will also have a shoe section. Women can always use a new pair of shoes or boots. A husband needs only to ask the sales person the shoe or boot that is the most popular and then buy a style in the wife’s size. Ugg boots are popular boots.

Holiday Shopping at a Lingerie Store

Husbands need to keep in mind that the gift from a lingerie store is not necessarily for the husband. The main two items to purchase are undergarments and beauty items. While not a favorite store for men to visit, the lingerie store is actually a favorite store for women.

In this store men will want to ask a sales person to choose a matching bra and undergarment set. Men need to ensure that they provide the sales person with the wife’s sizes. Additionally, stores like Victoria’s Secret sell body lotions, shower gel, nail polish, and more. Adding a few of these items will be great stocking stuffers.

Jewelry as a Holiday Gift

Jewelry gifts are popular items for holiday presents. Malls will have multiple jewelry stores that will have a variety of items for purchase. Some stores will have holiday jewelry on special. A simple solitaire diamond necklace or birthstone ring are great gifts. Another idea is to ask a sales person for a bracelet that allows for charms to be added. Purchase the bracelet and one charm to signify the holiday. Then for any special occasion an additional charm can be added.

Additional Gift Items for Wives

Specialty candy stores, like Godiva Chocolates or The Great Chocolate Factory, offer premium chocolate candy boxes and baskets. While a bit on the expensive side, the candy is a treat that most people will not purchase for themselves.

A bookstore is another good gift stop. Bookstores will have the bestsellers on a table located near the entrance of the store. Purchase a book or two and add a bookmark made of metal or with a special design.

A mall is the optimal place to start and finish holiday shopping. The plan will ensure that the shopping experience is quick and easy. Many department stores and mall customer service booths offer gift wrapping for free or for a nominal fee. The stress of holiday shopping can be virtually eliminated with these tips.

Or for the best way to shop this holiday season – cozy up on your couch in your pajamas, grab a cup of joe, and shop online!

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