What Is Upcycling?

Upcycling is not exactly the same concept as recycling.  Upcycling is sort of like recycling 2.0.  Upcycling is an economical, fun, and creative way to convert old, seemingly useless things into functional contraptions.  Upcycling is taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and giving it new life as something that is either useful or creative.

Awesome Examples of Upcycling


Turning a traffic sign into a chair




Circuit board turned into a necklace


Vintage Suitcase Turned into a Bench


Globes turned into chalkboards or pendant lights


Upcycling doesn’t have to mean something big, or substantial like a huge piece of furniture.   Many crafts are upcycyles in and of themselves because they take a plain item, and spruce it up to be bigger, better, cooler than it was previously.   The only limit is your imagination – if you can think of a way to recreate or update the functionality of a boring or outdated item, then you are an upcycler!!

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