If you aren’t familiar with shims, they thin angled wood pieces that are used by builders to level out surfaces – commonly used to hang doors, windows, etc.   But because of their angled nature and the depth effect it creates – they can make for some super cool projects when they are painted, stained or used in other more artistic applications.

My first shim project was a wall decor piece inspired by a tutorial from Shanty-to-Chic.com.  I wouldn’t consider myself an artist, but this is one of my most favorite “art” pieces hanging in my house.



Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with using shims for my home decor projects.   In fact, I’m working on another great project which I’ll be sharing shortly.   Shims are super cheap, and their angled edges help to create a unique layered look.   With a little stain or paint, you can transform shims into gorgeous home decor, wall art, or accent pieces.

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