I came across this awesome upcycle the other day, where someone had gutted an old tube TV, and turned it into a display for their bar.   As I was looking into similar upcycles, I found that people have gotten REEALLLLY creative when it comes to displaying and serving their favorite bevs.    Can you tell what is on my mind today…   where is that bottle of vino…



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First, here is my all time favorite – a gutted piano (I’ve seen a bunch with the piano parts still there) – but this one is just fabulous!


















10.  Painted Steamer Trunk turned sideways


source: etsy.com/shop/TheFunkadelicRelic

9.  Vintage Radio Flyer, on top of vintage Singer Sewing stand



8.  Baby changing table, into bar cart!


source: curbly.com



7.  Put and old desk on castors, add some shelving and you’ve got a mobile bar cart!

source:  bhg.com

source: bhg.com


6.  Tube TV

source:  unknown

source: unknown


5.  Card Catalog Wine Storage

source:  pinterest

source: pinterest


4.  Antique Water Heater Turned Bar

source:   homeworkremodels.net

source: homeworkremodels.net


3.  Vintage Voltage Tester (this one is a stretch for most people, not many of these laying around – but how COOL is it!!)



2.   A cello!!

source:  unknown

source: unknown



apparently I’m in the mood for great beverages and music.  For our #1 bar upcycle…   drumroll please…

1. A salvaged piano!


source: dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com

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