Whether it’s a a wine bottle, a jelly jar, jar of baby food, old pickle container or the uber popular mason jar – glass bottles and jars are a dime a dozen.  But instead of their destiny being the garbage or recycling bin – with a little bit of creative flair, you could turn them into a work of art, a practical storage container, or a unique container for something new.   There are so many ways that you can repurpose and upcycle those bottles and jars, for any style of use or decor.  Below are 39+ of the best ideas that we found, by some super creative individuals.  You don’t have to be super crafty for many of these, with a few simple tools you have lying around the house, you could repurpose that jar into a beautiful something new!


Bath & Body work candle glass emptied to use for a house plant


Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser by Curly Birds


Baby Jars Upcycled into a Magnetic Spice Rack by One Lucky Pickle


Mason Jar upcycled into a tissue holder by LandeeLu


Photo Jar Luminaries by The Mad House


Upcycled Wine Bottles into Flower Vases


Fairyland Jar Lanterns by Adventures in a Box



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