I’m just finishing up a project in my family room, I’ve been repainting an Oak Bookcase and I’m loving the results so far.   Will post the pictures from that project here in a few days so I can get all of your great feedback and ideas.   (PS…  had a little paint incident on the carpet, anyone have any brilliant ideas for getting paint out of off white carpeting, please let me know!   Trying a few ideas I found online today, but not super hopeful at this point).

In any case, if you are at all like me…  once one project is finishing up, this boredom creeps over you and you just can’t wait to move on to something else to get your hands dirty…   do you ever feel like that?   I’m a little ADD like that, its Friday and I’m already wondering what my weekend project could be.

Came across some awesome ideas from HGTV for some really cool upcycled furniture pieces that look pretty easy to do – certainly within a weekend.   Was thinking of going to scope out this new place I found that has all sorts of reclaimed wood and items…   thinking one of these projects would be perfect.


1.  Reclaimed Lumber Coffee Table

Could also be made from old pallets if you don’t have access to reclaimed lumber


click here for full instructions

2.  Canvas Headboard With Nail-Head Trim

Awesome easy project…   I’m even wondering if this could be done over an existing headboard to spruce it up a bit…   so many ideas!



click here for full instructions

3.  Industrial Rustic Bookshelf


click here for full instructions

4.  Primitive Wine Rack

Great easy project – would be great as a gift too!   Made from reclaimed wood and wooden dowels – so easy!



click here for full instructions

5.  Stacked-Books Table Lamp


click here for full instructions

So which one would you like to work on this weekend (if you could)?





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