I have learned that before painting a piece of furniture it is a good idea to test the paint color and finish on a piece of spare molding (or flat wood piece). This tutorial shows the basics of using Annie Sloan Chalk paint, light and dark waxes, and a gold gilding wax.
The wonderful thing about the Annie Sloan paint is that there is no need to sand or prep your piece. My piece of spare moulding has rough patches. I did not sand them because it will be interesting to see how the dark and gilding waxes take to the textured areas later in the process.

Paint your piece and let dry. I like to use long even strokes so that it dries as even as possible. This is a personal preference. You will notice that drying time is fairly quick. Another plus for using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

Key Takeaways:

  • This product only comes in five colors however the colors can be mixed to create a wide variety of unique tones.
  • Mall tube and easy to use
    Blend and/or apply with Just a brush or finger.
  • Gliding wax creates a softer look than Leaf material and has traditionally been used on craved wood to accent the design.

“Gilding waxes, five colors, to gold to silver and you can blend lots of colors in between.”

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