File this one in the “Buh Bye Orange” category (as soon as I get around to posting my recent kitchen makeover, that one will be going in that file as well.)

Check out this super amazing makeover, of a vintage, dated apothecary style cabinet from a Craigslist purchase. I love the new modern colors with the darker stain and most importantly, is it just me, or are those those new drawer pulls pretty fantastic?!?

Its amazing what a little stain, paint and hardware can do! I’m not sure I would have had the vision to see beyond the orange – I tend to see it at thrift stores or garage sales or on pinterest and run FAR FAR away.

Maybe that will be my new mantra – embrace the orange! Because those just might be the ones with the biggest transformation. I’ll take one of these cabinets on the right, please and thank you!

Get the full tutorial over at>>


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