Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Pinterest.

But Pinterest is really good for 3 things…

  1. Inspiring you with awesome project ideas
  2. Making you feel like crap because you only brought chocolate chip cookies to the cookie exchange, not those hand decorated snowman cookies that took an hour each
  3. Making every craft look simple and easy to do, with cute little pictures showing each step – I mean they show you every step, it would be impossible to screw that up…  right??

Unless your are Martha Stewart, you’ve probably found yourself in each of those places at one point or another.

But today we’re talking about failures.

Yep, I’m sure you’re thinking of one now.   You find some awesome craft or DIY project or great recipe that looks fantastic for the next holiday party.

You excitedly rush out and buy the materials/ingredients, and with exhilaration and excitement you start your project – you can barely wait till its done and you can marvel over your masterpiece.

Its going to be amazing.

Its going to be epic.

You are the DIY Goddess and everyone is going to tell you how creative and amazing you are.



Then, not totally unexpectedly, you reach this point, could be minutes or hours into it, where you start to puzzle.

Things aren’t going as Pinterestly perfect as you had expected.

You likely knew it from the beginning, but were blinded by your zeal and those stupidly simple but beautiful pictures.

You had that crafters/bakers remorse from the beginning, but you just didnt’ want to admit it.

You knew this project was not as simple as it looked.

You knew your frosting skills weren’t up to par.



Or your painting skills.



But damn you Pinterest and your simple little picture tutorials – why do you always make everything look SOOOO easy!!???

But yet, you just bought all the stuff, so you carry on.

Hoping and praying, you can turn things around.

You’ve got the skills, you’ll figure out a way to make it look marvelous.



But you don’t.   You can’t.   Its just gone, and its never coming back.

And you’re left with a mess.  A hideously ugly mess.





So what do you do?    If you’re like most of us, you throw it away and pretend it never happened.

Feed it to the dog.




Or not.  Maybe you pin that bad boy up on Pinterest, loud and proud, and show off that craft mess!





Yep, you NAILED IT.

I titled this post “Feel Better About Yourself” inspiration.

Not because we can laugh at these failures and feel like we are better than them.  But we can laugh WITH them, because we’ve all been there.

Everything on Pinterest is so beautiful and perfect.

We all know thats not reality.

Its the best of the best.

There are always going to be epic failures, even from the Martha Stewarts and Betty Crockers and Bree VandeCamps of the world.

Lets embrace those failures, realize they happen to the best of us, and feel great about our love of creating beautiful things, even if it always doesn’t turn out perfect.


What was your best craft fail??


For more hilarious Pinterest fails, checkout!   Great for procrastinating or making yourself feel a LOT better about your mad DIY skillz.  🙂




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