Do you have a piece of canvas art that you can no longer remember why you purchased and now no longer love? With a hand full of common household materials, you can recycle your tired art into a piece you enjoy every day. Simple step by step instructions lead you through the process of reviving an old canvas using an inexpensive wall tapestry easily obtained online. See the amazing before and after, and then channel your own inner artist to create your own.

Key Takeaways:

  • Have an old piece of canvas art you don’t like anymore? Reuse it!
  • All you need is a hand-held staple gun, scissors, a piece of tapestry and/or paint.
  • You can paint over the old canvass or put a tapestry design on it. Best is to use neutral paint first to cover up the old art.

“So instead of chucking the canvas, it collected dust until I decided to use it for a project.”

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