Barnwood is a HOT HOT material in decorating and design these days, but not everyone has access to plentiful supplies of reclaimed wood – that or many don’t want to pay the premium prices for authentic aged wood. Pneumatic Addict has come up with a pretty awesome process for creating the same weathered barnwood look, for a LOT less $$.



The first step in the process, is getting the wood. Many will try to use pallets for a similar look, but pallets can be a pain to work with, in stripping out all of the nails and breaking them apart. So what else could you use? Fence boards!



Check out this link for specifics on why this wood works so well, and which wood to look for.



The next step is the aging process, and she has come up with a pretty ingenious recipe for weathering the wood in a way that looks pretty spectacular.





Click here to get the recipe for the aging and weathered look she has achieved.


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