I LOVE this idea for festive, super easy to make Christmas pillows!   These are just about as close to no-sew as you can get (and if you are totally afraid of the needle and thread, you could always use fabric glue or iron on fabric tape to close these off.   This is a brilliant Christmas project, full credit goes to Thifty Decor Chick for their awesome tutorial on how to make these – be sure to check them out and follow them too!

Imagine all the uses beyond just Christmas decor!   Snag some double sided placemats for every day decor, Easter, or any other holiday and you’ve got these cute throw pillows for $2-3 each!

Head on over to your favorite decor stores – can go higher end like Pottery Barn (you’re buying placemats so it shouldn’t get ‘that’ expensive), or just go for the deals at Home Goods or somewhere comparable.

You want to get placemats that are double sided – meaning two pieces of fabric, sewn together.



Use a seam ripper to rip out about 5″ or so of stitches along the bottom edge.

Use a needle and thread, to sew up the opening.   If you are totally against any type of sewing whatsoever, you could try some fabric glue or one of those iron on seam strips (but really, it should only take 5 minutes or so and is super easy with a needle – new sewing machine required!)


More gorgeous!   Can you believe they are only a few dollars each??


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