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I’ve planted pumpkins in my garden for 2 years now.    We had NOTHING, literally not a single sprout last year.   But my son just ran in totally elated….   we FINALLY yielded a crop, check it out!!!


Pretty darn impressive, right????



So maybe, growing pumpkins isn’t my thing.   I suppose I could go buy some (something I’ll have to do in a month or so when it comes time to carve for Halloween), but in the meantime, wouldn’t it be more fun to MAKE them?

And wow, did I find SOOOO many awesome ideas – you can definitely decorate for fall, without using actual, real, pumpkins – so these are decorations that are in it for the long haul, that won’t be rotting in your trashcan in a month.


So here you go, theese are the top 23 awesome ideas for making pumpkins…. without actual, you know…. pumpkins.

(oh, and I know 2 of them are not “decor” items, but they looked yummy and were super cute, and were not made with pumpkins, so I included them)


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