This video is showing the viewer how to create a wood pallet sign. Essentially it is a how to do video, that makes the process of creating a wood pallet design fun and easy. The creator of the video goes into extensive detail as to how to create a sign, such as how to cut the wood, the right wood to use, and the like. Additionally, the creator of the video shows the viewer how to paint and decorate their sign.


Key Takeaways:

  • Organize your pallet wood by size and choose your wood with the same depth.
  • Stagger the wood to place nails randomly across your piece.
  • Sanding down the pallet wood will give that feel of taking old and making it new again.


“This sign may be going to a client and to their home, but I am blessed to have a blog and YouTube channel to remind me of the work I put into its creation.”

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