This video is showing the viewer how can make their own artwork using old flooring. The video is a great resource for those that like to do it themselves, and like to utilize recyclable materials to do so, which cuts down on spending. The creator of the video shows some great strategies to utilize old flooring for arts and crafts. For example, they show a flooring tile framed and painted over, which created a beautiful and unique piece.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chalk paint goes on quick and can be sanded down to look old and rustic.
  • Most Etsy retailers who sell stencils will make a custom order for you.
  • Match up your patterns carefully and then use blue painters tape to adhere stencil to project.

“The problem is I’d never hang them on my wall, so I combine my love of creating with my love of a bargain for things I’d never use.”

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