Inexpensive barn door hardware may be transformed in to a do it yourself nightstand following the steps in a simple tutorial. The rustic modern project finished in a smoky stain is constructed from hardwood plywood and introduces the use of a glue bot. The finished piece includes two interior shelves and one sliding door that covers one half of the nightstand at a time. The design leaves room for the display of personal items or use of pretty baskets for additional storage options.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes a design that’s meant to look great for one specific thing can be modified for another part of the home altogether.
  • If your instinct says a tweak here and there and your shelf unit can be an armoire, then try it.
  • The author took a design for a bathroom cabinet and transformed it into a nightstand, proving the point.

“I have always thought that my DIY Barn Door Bathroom Cabinet would make a cool nightstand so, I gave it a shot!”

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