Two of my favorite shopping days of the year is coming up, and I’m already making my list.

Yes, I’m talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

And no, I’m not talking about the “wake up at 3 am and beat down the crowds” version of Black Friday.


Because this is my idea of hell.

Thankfully, unless you are hell bent on getting one of those elusive “door busters” – a vast majority of the Black Friday deals that so many rush out to buy at their local store, staffed by people who are forced to spend time away from their families on a holiday – can be purchased online for the same or lower prices as found in the stores.

With a little bit of planning ahead (make sure you have those Christmas lists ready), budgeting, and the right gameplan for hitting the best deals – you’ll be able to skip the early morning wake up call, skip the lines, skip the mace-wielding crazies out at the local discount mart, and you can save big on your shopping list while spending Friday morning with a cup of your favorite jo, your laptop and your pjs.

Without further ado, I present my Black Friday BlackBook Resource Guide – Everything you need to snag some amazing online bargains from the comfort of your home, on Black Friday.


 1. Make your shopping list and target budget up front.


It can be super compelling the morning of Black Friday to see deals roll across your screen and feel tempted to buy things that you don’t need, don’t want, won’t use, or just because “its a bargain”.    For anyone you plan to shop for, make sure you have their Christmas list in hand and do what you can to stick to it. has a great Black Friday budget planner if you’re looking for a printable to help you plan your attack.









 2. Shop throughout the weekend (even on Wednesday!)

Online deals will be advertised for many stores throughout the entire weekend, from Friday to Monday.  You may want to visit your favorite stores to look for ads featuring upcoming dates and products that will be offered.   Check out our Facebook page throughout the weekend, we’ll be posting updates and some of the best online deals that we find to the page.


3.  Grab that Black Friday newspaper insert and shop the ads – and then buy online


Did you know that for many stores, a large portion of the deals advertised in the papers, are also available online at the same price?  Granted, you’ll have to jump online early to grab some of the really good deals due to stock limitations (and in store door busters won’t be available) – but if you plan to head out, check online first and make sure that item you’re heading out at 3 am to buy, isn’t available online for the same price.


4.  Look For Money Back Offers

Major manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung won’t mark down their products below a certain price – even on Black Friday.  So retailers will sweeten the pot by adding in special offers, rebates and gift cards with the purchase of an item.


5.  Make sure you get free shipping


Its not a great deal if you save $10, only to pay $12 in shipping.  Make sure you plan ahead with your list and order enough items to qualify for any free shipping requirements.   Or better yet, make sure your Amazon Prime Membership is up to date and just about everything ships free!

6. Just Google It!

The great thing about online shopping, is you don’t have to get into your car and drive store to store, to comparison shop.  Make sure you check multiple stores for the best price on your item.


7.  Look for Online Coupon Codes

Some of the best deals are posted online, but others may require coupons.   Do a quick search before you check out and look for a great coupon offer.  Check out our Facebook page throughout the weekend, we’ll be posting updates and some of the best coupon codes that we find to the page.


8. Shop Amazon for Price Matching The Major Retailers


Amazon does a great job of sourcing all of their competitors deals (in store and online) and often times they will offer up those same deals through both before, during and after Black Friday.   So as I said above, if in doubt, check Amazon.   They also have round the clock lightning deals which are ridiculously addictive to watch, so make sure you refer back to item 1 on the list above, and try to stick to your budget and plan…   if you have the willpower.



There you have it folks, 8 tips to save BIG on Black Friday, without fighting the masses in store.  You’ll feel like a HUGE winner with a pocket full of cash that you saved (and can spend on some pampering…   or new PJs for next Black Friday).

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