I may be dating myself  here, but remember when splatter paint tshirts and splatter paint art, was like “THE THING” to do?   I’m pretty sure when I was in 3rd grade, the coolest of the cool kids on the block, looked like this:


Somebody seriously made a living, made a business, out of bringing kids in for birthday parties, putting tshirts on a spinning board, and having them squirt puffy paint on them as they spun.

Its so amazing to look back at things that were once so “cool”.

Here is another awesome one from my youth…  remember Hypercolor???   🙂



In any case, if you came across a desk that looked like it had been run through a splatter paint machine, would you think “thats perfect, I’ll take it!!!”    This desk seriously looks like someone spun it around while a herd of 2nd graders squirted everything and anything they could get their hands on, onto it, and then took forks and knives to it.

But Larissa, over at Prodigal Pieces, jumped on the bargain when she saw it on Craigslist.  And holy wow, did she have a vision in mind for it.   Check out the ridiculously amazing transformation she gave it:


source: prodigalpieces.com

source: prodigalpieces.com



Check out the full tutorial and more pictures over at ProdigalPieces.com!

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