For about a year now I’ve been admiring those cool starburst style mirrors that are so hot right now in all of the high end design shops and home decor stores.   I have the perfect spot for it in my dining room….  but what I haven’t longed for, is spending $300+ on a mirror.   I have considered doing some of the many very cool DIY knock off projects (have you seen the starburst shim mirrors??), but I just hadn’t gotten around to it.   Then one day browsing through Home Goods, I found a TOTAL treasure.

But first…  check out my inspiration:


Ballard Designs:  $199


Zinc Door $335


Wayfair Collection $290


Horchow:   $465


Addison Collection $235


So as I said, I was browsing through Home Goods for a totally different project, when I came across this beauty on clearance:

2013-11-30 17.04.54

Now I know, its not exactly a “starburst”, but its a similar style and I could just see the potential oozing out of it.   Plus, not sure if you can see the clearance price tag on there so I’ll zoom in a little…


Thats right, I snagged this $250 mirror for only 30 BUCKS!!!!   Talk about a steal!   But as you can see, it did need a bit of a face lift….the brown/bronze color was way too drab, and there were a lot of scuffs on the front (they were probably there on purpose, but they didn’t quite fit with the look I had in mind)…

But those little flaws were nothing a little can of Metallic Gold Rustoleum couldn’t take care of!!    For an extra $3.50 worth of spray paint, this beauty would have a whole new look, that would be just perfect for my dining room.

2013-11-30 17.24.25

After 3 light coats of the gold spray paint, here is the final product, costing me a grand total of about $37 (including tax):



I am in LOVE with how it turned out.   Home Goods, you won my heart over yet again!   What do you think, can you tell the difference between my knock off and the $300 mirrors?

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