Sometimes you walk by old things at a flea market or garage sale, and wonder how anyone held onto something for so long. Other times you walk by, and you are able to see the beauty in the piece – beneath an ugly finish, or wierd colors. I think thats how I’d feel with this transformation. Check out the lines in the headboard – gorgeous victorian scroll work and just cool lines. However, the green and gold is a bit much, I just can’t decide if I’d actually pull the trigger on buying it – if I had been the one to spot this.

But Sara over at saw the potential, and grabbed this gem before it got away. My first thought would be to reupholster it, but that wasn’t what she had in mind. She whipped out her trusty paint brush, and go to work. 5 or 6 coats later, she had a pretty gorgeous looking headboard that looks like it could have come straight out of a top designer catalog (and any years of dust that might have accumulated on the fabric, are sealed away under a thick coat of paint. Just like new!!

My bedroom makeover is next on my “to do” list, I might just be on the lookout for a sweet green velvet and gold headboard for my own bed!   🙂


paintedheadboard - after

Check out the full DIY tutorial over at SincerelySaraD! >>


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