Its been about a week that the kids have been back to school, and can I just say…..  SIGH OF RELIEF!!!!   My stress levels haven’t been this low since, well, I can’t even remember when.   Don’t get me wrong, my kids are my world.   I miss them when they are gone all day, but can I tell you what I don’t miss?   Trying to teach my kids how to free play and entertain themselves (something we seemed to do 99% of the time when I was growing  up), and it only ends up in the older two arguing over some incident, or my one year old making a huge mess.   Then I feel like a bad mom for not “entertaining” them.   So I plan some activity or craft, that I think they’ll love.  They love it for 5 minutes, and then they get bored of it, and someone ends up saying something or doing something to make the other mad, and its back to arguing, or whining, or wanting to do something else.

My kids love school (not sure how long that will last, but for now we are grateful!).  They love seeing their friends, and the super organized activities, and the academic stimulation – all of it.   They were just as excited to go back, as I was to have some quiet in the house again.   So back to school is an awesome time in my house, all around.

And yes, I have an almost 2 year old which means not everyone is back to school. But for the first time ever, we set up regular part time childcare for him, 3 days a week in the mornings at local home based childcare, where a bunch of his friends go.  So I can have time to get some actual work done (because yes, websites and blogging are my full time job) – and he basically gets a playdate, 3 days a week.   It has been the best thing I’ve done for myself, in years, and my son is loving it too.

And you know what else I’m doing?   Something I really haven’t been able to do WELL in probably 2 or 3 years.   Getting organized!   I’m setting up homework stations for the kids to keep their stuff together, cleaning up the mudroom cubbies, planning out lunches and afternoon activities…   its been amazing!

Recently I took to Hometalk to get some inspiration for my new organizing obsession, and I put together a board of SUPER MOM Organizing Ideas For Back To School, that I wanted to share with you all.   If you aren’t familiar with Hometalk, its basically like Pinterest for Home and Garden addicts like myself.   Go check it out and make sure to follow GiddyUpcycled while you’re there!

Can I just tell you how amazing, de-stressing and freeing it feels, to clean up, de-clutter, and re-organize your life!?!?

Comment below…  What is your favorite de-stressing activity or routine?

Namaste and enjoy!!   🙂   🙂





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