My son is a sports NUT, and he is going crazy over the Olympics right now.   So I wasn’t terribly surprised when I asked him what kind of Valentine’s he wanted to hand out at his class party this week, that he told me he wanted Olympic themed Valentine’s.   I did a little hunting around on Pinterest, and found and this awesome, free printable from Stitchcraft Creations.

I didn’t want to have to have my son sign each one (getting him to sit down for more than 5 minutes to do anything is a miracle), so using Adobe Acrobat Pro, I added in a line for the name.   If you want the version that includes the sign off line – the file below should have an editable sign off area at the bottom of each invitation – you must save it and open it up in Adobe Acrobat.  Let me know if you have any issues opening it and editing the sign off name and I can try to re-do it if need be. 

>>Olympics Printable With Editable Name Field<<


Gold chocolate coins can sometimes be hard to find, but good news!!  Target is already bringing out their St Patty’s day stuff, so right up front in the dollar bins, are 7-piece bags of the chocolate coins for only $1 each!

  • I opted to make my Gold Medals double sided (2 coins per medal).
  • I used some sheer ribbon I had lying around the house, I think it probably looks better with a solid color, but use whatever you have!    I cut the ribbon to be about 15″ long.   You can make them really short if you want to keep them compact and more as just a prop, but if you want the kids to be able to wear them, just cut them whatever length you think will fit around your child’s head.
  • To assemble them, I used those sticky dots that you can get in the crafting section, 3 dots per necklace.
  • Put 1 dot in between the two ends of the ribbon to connect the necklace
  • Put 1 dot on the outside of one side of the connected ribbon, and attach a gold coin.   Put another sticky dot on the other side of the ribbon, and attach another coin to the back.
  • The nice thing about using the sticky dots, is that you can then slide the valentine card up between the two coins and into one of the sticky areas, and it just kind of sticks there.   I experimented with other ways of attaching the card, but found this one to look and work the best.


Super cute, super easy, and all in all, I spent about $8 to make 27 of these for my son’s class and his 2 teachers.   Took me about an hour, all time well spent, while watching the US get our butts kicked in speed skating!   Seriously, these dutch guys in their orange jumpsuits are unstoppable.

In any case…   Enjoy!!

Full credit goes to Stitchcraft Creations for the printable and the fun idea!

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