This might be my most favorite thing I have come across in awhile.   Its funny how you can add hooks and bookshelves and all sorts of organizational items, and then *stuff* just accumulates and overtakes everything.   About a year ago, we turned an old closet in our laundry room, into a cubby area.   We have hooks for coats, bins for shoes, bins for other things.   Its awesome, I love the space.   But the kids come home, and the backpacks are all over the place, coats are on the floor – its a disaster!    Across from the cubbies is a big blank wall, that is just screaming for this backpack and messenger center.   A spot where we can put all of the paperwork we have to sign for school, homework assignments – so we aren’t digging things out 2 minutes before the bus comes.   This one is definitely going to be my project for the weekend!

I would add to this, some sort of narrow bin where we can insert papers – homework assignments, weekly schedules, etc.   Otherwise, its perfect!

Check out the full tutorial over at Delightful Order!!

If DIY isn’t your thing, you can pick up her printable templates for the organizers here >>

Kids Homework & Message Center


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