This is a little off topic, but I’ve seen a couple of UH-MAZING ideas come across my Facebook feed for some pretty awesome pranks for parents to pull on their kids for April Fools day.   Thankfully most pranks don’t take much time to put together, so just in time for April 1st in a couple of days, here are some super fun ways to “get” your kids (before they get you!)


1.  Fake ’em out with a nice cash bookmark


2.  Soap that won’t suds!!!   Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish – my kids are too young for this – they rub the soap on the, but have no concept that it should create suds – but this would be great for older kids.


3.  Fake mom or dad sitting at the kitchen table


4.   Hide candy inside vegetables and put them in their lunchbox – talk about a welcome surprise!


5.  Serve them “milk” and cookies after school, with milk that won’t pour!


6.  Put a gummy worm in an apple…. yuck!!  Oh wait, Yum!!!    Great to put in their lunches for a mid day surprise.


7.   Make these cute little donuts out of cheerios – can’t decide if this is totally a prank, but it looks super fun!


8.  Stuff toilet paper in the toes of your kids shoes – they’ll think they grew huge feet overnight!!


9.  Put googley eyes on everything inside of your refrigerator


11.   Make up some jello and pour it into a glass with a straw – looks just like juice!


12.  Love this one – open up a bag of cheetos, pour out the chips then replace them with carrots and glue the bag back up.    Think they’ll be able to tell the difference?


13.  Super glue a couple of quarters to the sidewalk near the front door, or near where they wait for the bus.   Jackpot!!


14.  Freeze the morning cereal overnight, then watch them try to “dig in”!


15.  Pick the kids up from school while wearing a goofy wig


16.  Cake for dinner?     Will your kids be devastated when they realize its meatloaf and mashed potatoes??   🙂


17.  Fake Milk splatter on their laptop or iPad – great for older kids – they’ll freak!


18.  Make “grilled cheeses” with toasted angel food cake and orange colored frosting – YUM!


19.  Color the milk with food coloring – your kids will freak out when you pour the milk out of the jug and its blue (or green or red or yellow!)


20.   Cover their bedroom doorway or the hallway in saran wrap – fun!!


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