This is one of my projects from earlier in the year.  I’m just going through my photos and getting to some of the fun things that I didn’t have time to post earlier in the year.

This one was a fun transformation.   My son had been asking for a desk in his room for his birthday.   We’d gone to some of the local furniture stores, and just didn’t find anything that had the functionality and the fun that fit with his room.

I was looking on craigslist one day, when I came across a this beauty being sold for – get this $15!







Tons of great storage, and with a little TLC, could be a perfect fit for his room.

Once I got it into my garage, I was annoyed to discover this “solid wood” desk, had a laminate top.   Since I was planning to paint it rather than restain it, I got some heavy duty primer and gave the entire bad boy a good coat.

After multiple layers of paint, I finally ended up with a shade of blue I was happy with – and I found it in the Home Depot Chalkboard Paint!

I also had wanted to update the handles/hardware, but after going to a number of home improvement stores and not finding anything half way decent that fit the existing holes for less than $8 per handle (with 9 handles, I wasn’t about to spend $72 on hardware for a $15 desk).   I decided to try to make the existing handles work.

I used a glossy apple red spray on the hardware to make a bold statement against the blue.

Here is the final result…   for about $30 total (paint and desk) – it fits in PERFECTLY with his room!!    (Sorry the picture is so grainy)



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