I recently picked up 3 large, carved wood frames from garage sales.   You know the kind, beautiful ornate borders and created for canvas prints (no glass or backing).   I got 2 – 16×20 frames and 1 20×26 frame, for $25 total – not bad, eh?    Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with them.    I will probably use one of them for a large blown up canvas print of my kids (by the way, have you seen the deal for Canvas Prints?   Right now you can get 2 – 16×20 Canvas prints for only $49 (click here to check out the deal!!!   Awesome??)

So I’m brainstorming and trying to figure out what I could do with the other 2 frames, I’m thinking I won’t go super traditional with the frame usage, so I took to pinterest and the web to see what other great ideas that you all have had out there.   I figured while I’m at it, I’ll put together a list for y’all, with some of the best ideas I come across!


1.   Earring Holder – Although if you have a nice frame with an ornate/carved front, I would run the nails and the string on the back of the frame, so the pretty front can shine.


source: etsy.com


2.  Make a collage of mirrors and empty frames


source: thepeakoftreschic.com


3. Add hooks to the inner top of the frame, and hang your keys!

source:  purplecarrotkc.com

source: purplecarrotkc.com


4.  Add chicken wire to the back, along with some cute clothespins or clips, and make a photo and paper display/organizer!

source:  lemonademakinmama.com

source: lemonademakinmama.com


5.  Jewelry Organizer – Add backing, padding and satin to each frame, and then fit them into an existing cabinet/empty set of drawers

source: unknown

source: unknown


6.  Frame around mirrored words or other small bits of non-traditional art

source:  thevintagewren.blogspot.com

source: thevintagewren.blogspot.com


7.  Run string or wire across the opening, and use clips to hang photos or other keepsakes

source:  www.scrapbook.com

source: www.scrapbook.com


8.  Add a Mirror into the frame and affix it to the top of a table, vintage suitcases or other upcycled item to create a table top

source: cupcakesandcashmere.com

source: cupcakesandcashmere.com


9.  Frames upcycled into bookshelves

source:  flickr.com by amanda farah

source: flickr.com by amanda farah


10.  Add fabric plus a piece of glass or acrylic – add feet and use it as a tray!

source:   michaels.com

source: michaels.com


11.  Holiday Decor!

source:  leadingthegoodlife.net

source: leadingthegoodlife.net


12.   Add twigs to the background for a cool, rustic art piece!

source:  etsy.com

source: etsy.com



What are your favorites?  Do you have any other ideas for how to upcycle a frame?




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