My son had his 7th birthday this weekend and it was a smash hit!    I wanted to share a few pictures of my cool DIY favors that turned out cuter than I had even imagined!    I went for a green, white and black theme to fit with the whole soccer ball on a field look.    I found these awesome dark green water bottles at the dollar store and then used my cricut to cut out vinyl lettering for the names of each of the kids.   Then I just added some soccer stickers and cute soccer ball ribbon – they turned out awesome, and for only about $1.50 each, they were a bargain!   I added a small bag of candies for each kid (so no one would complain that they were missing out on the token bag of sugar for the favors).   I found coordinating letters at Michaels that said “OLE” which I promptly had to explain to just about everyone who walked by, what OLE means.   Was cute in my mind, and if we lived in Europe, would have been a hit.   LOL

30+ kids, soccer in the backyard, pizza and fun in the sun – recipe for birthday party success!


soccerparty2 soccerparty3 soccerparty1 soccerparty4 soccerparty5

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